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De sterkte hiervan kan dan met een draaiknop aan de voorzijde worden geregeld.Het kleinkind van onze oude stoofpan is een schoonheid!De in de zomermaanden gemaakte kazen waren destijds in de winter verouderd en onverteerbaar geworden.Verwarm de oven voor op 170.Champignons, stukjes appel, olijven, cherrytomaatjes, paprika..
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Make up wordreference

To appoint or name:The President made her his special envoy.
Make off, no object to run away:The thieves made off before the police arrived.
Lasciare stare leave sth alone, leave sth as it is ( colloquial ) let it go Let it go, you are not going to change anything.
To suggest or pretend (to be, or that something is the case object out to verbHe made me out to be a liar. .Slang Termsseeking amorous or sexual relations:The park was swarming with sailors on the make.Eye makeup, eye make-up (cosmetics for eyes) maquillaje de ojos nm loc adj make-up artist (sb: applies performers' cosmetics) maquillador artístico, maquilladora artística make-up bag (pouch for cosmetics) estuche de maquillaje nm loc adj bolso de maquillaje nm loc adj make-up sex (sex after argument).E corresponding entry in Unabridged force.To draw up, as a legal document; draft:to make a will.In the last week, it has gotten even worse.
Make for: to go toward; approach:to make for home.

Dialect Terms make on, Chiefly Pennsylvania turn on, light, or ignite (esp.Idioms, Informal Terms make like, try or pretend to be like; imitate:I'm going to go out and make like a gardener.Idioms make short work of, object to finish or dispose of quickly:You made short work of that apple pie.To (cause to) become friends again; to (cause to) be reconciled: no objectfinally made up after years of quarreling. .Show Businessthe total ensemble of cosmetics, wigs, costumes, etc., how to make a cards against humanity game used by an actor or other performer.To dress in appropriate costume and apply cosmetics for a part on the stage.Make off with, off with object to carry away; steal:The robbers made off with a million dollars in cash.Dialect TermsSouth Midland and Southern.S.(of a crop) to grow, develop, or mature:It looks like the corn's going to make pretty good this year.
object upMake the bed up before you watch.
Informal Terms on the make: Idiomsseeking to improve one's social or financial position, usually at the expense of others or of principle.