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Make a manometer

Both of these tests are simple to do and are described further below.
The next test for the regulator is the static pressure test.
A manometer is a albelli voucher codes device used to check the pressure in your propane system.The correct pressure is required to allow the various appliances to operate at their best level of performance.Leak testing the appliances: Instructions to follow, as time permits.Related Sciencing Articles, by Allan Robinson; Updated April 24, 2017 m" / pressure image by Dusan Radivojevic from m, a manometer may be any device that measures pressure.Remove the stove top cover and remove one of the burners assemblies.If the manometer shows a leak, then what do I do?Sciencing Cross; Dont Go!
Things Needed 100 ml water with food dye added 2-foot long thin wooden plank 4 feet plastic tubing 5 ml red food dye 500 ml beaker.
Most newer stoves have a small additional regulator built in and it is located under the stove top cover on the left hand side.

Tighten all fittings snugly.Repeat the manometer leak down test for 15 minutes to verify that no more leaks are present.Okay, what the heck is a u tube manometer, anyway?New regulator design has a first stage that reduces the tank pressure to a few PSI, and the second stage reduces that to the working pressure.Attach a source of positive pressure to one end of the manometer with an airtight seal.Once the flame is established and burning steadily turn it off and shut the valve at the propane tank.Attach the long end of the manometer tube to the burner outlet and turn that valve to the on position.First of all, if you have a single stage regulator, replace it before you proceed with these tests.If your pressure is too high, turn the adjuster out (counterclockwise).Turn on the gas supply valve.
Mark this as zero.

1/2 " vinyl tubing 60 " long.
The u tube manometer can be used to check and adjust the propane regulator to the proper operating pressure.