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How to make villa in minecraft

I might sound really stupid but im not sure if i conect the first diy cadeau juf floor to the back part or the actual ground like where he has the building 2 blocks above the ground.
Question How do I keep the villagers home?
If you wanna make a minecraft house, you've come to the right place.You provide a nice shelter for your citizens, so use the imagination to create laws for your village.By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.This project is an Italian villa style home.An ideal foundation size might be 50x50.Put signs around so people can notice or use an invisible potion.Okay #10006, steps 1, build a foundation.What are your community lots?Could some one help me out?
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Question How can I build a Minecraft hospital?

Question Can I build a village without the wall and without being mayor?You must have at least two villagers if you want to start an entirely new village.Warnings If you spawn villagers on the roof of a building, they will eventually run off and hurt themselves, possibly making it easier for zombies to kill them quickly (unless your difficulty is set to Peaceful).Once you have two villagers, you can have them create new villagers by "making love" (villagers are genderless, so any 2 will do).The boundary condition seems a bit hazy, but the 16 block requirement in the first point seems to imply that it's 16 blocks from the most outlying door.5, build community buildings.To protect your villagers from hostile mob attacks, build iron Golems by putting two blocks of iron on top of each other, then putting one on both sides of the top block.Step 5: First Floor-floor(get It put 16 blocks as i did on each side, then fill the bottom with your fence connecting it to the porch w fill it in with your planks.If the distance requirement for a villager nearby a door is not met, the door can become unregistered after some time.
Step 10: The Great Balcoy make the balcony 5 blocks tall with a log in the so 4 in width.

Question Will this work on other versions of Minecraft, such as Windows10?