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How to make cool text in photoshop

how to make cool text in photoshop

Duplicate the Shadow #1 layer by pressing Command-J (PC: Ctrl-J) and call it Shadow #2.
Now I consider the actual draft of the symbol complete.
In the layers window to the right, select the little round circular icon on the upper right corner of the window, and click on "Create New Layer" in the window that comes.It takes some time and patience to really get the hang.Press the V key to make sure that the Move tool is active and then using the arrow keys on your keyboard press Up and Left each one time to offset the layer slightly from the one below.Create a new layer and call it Cat Shadow.Step 11 Blur And Move The Shadow Into Place.You can hold down and "direction" the angle of the line to create a certain type of curve.Open the PSD file and simply double click on the.I began to code my own with VB and I remember one of the things I loved to focus on personally, was the whole intro art.I have also added a text on the Wooden Cross.Step rose goud haarverf maken 9 Making The Top Pop.Add an Inner Shadow layer style to the new created smart object.Receive your logo within 24 hours!Generally for most projects, I only need to ask how to make a fake sent email the client 5 questions:.I have several thousand myself.Opacity to 57 ; add a, color Overlay layer style.
It can be very tough if you're new to logo design or design in general.

Now, choose Window Appearance from the Main Menu to bring up the Appearance palette and inside that palette click on the Extrude Bevel link to reopen the 3D Extrude Bevel Options palette.We'll use a 3D text mockup just to make things easier.Logo 4 still appears "serious" even though it is significantly different from the rest.After 15-20 minutes or so of creating the different facial features and the face itself, here is what I have come up with: As you can see, I specified a different color for the face (light blue).I've used the technique I will be teaching to develop a lot of logos.Be sure to select all 3 text layers and transform them together.If the Paste Options dialog appears, choose Compound Shape and click.While still on the Shadow #2 layer, press Command-T (PC: Ctrl-T) to invoke the Free Transform tool, and pull out the left and top center points just slightly to pull the shadow away from the text in those directions as shown below.If you wish to resize, Ill let you know when to do it later).
Once you come across a font that looks like it could work, you should Duplicate the layer in the Layers Window to the right, and then hide the previous layer (The layer you right clicked and selected "Duplicate" from.
There's also a layer for the face background, and the ear.